Introducing the Double Deck Trailer System!

MinStar's innovative Double Deck Trailer System has the potential to DOUBLE the amount of freight shipped in one trailer.  Designed to maintain full trailer width, our system deploys a second floor in the trailer which allows two levels of freight to be securely hauled in one trailer.  

The system was designed for shipping rolling stock, but has continually proven that it has the ability to increase the amount of palletized non-stackable freight in a trailer load by as much as 100%.


Lower Shipping Costs   |   Reduce Fuel Costs    |     Increase Shipping Flexibility  

Reduce Damages   |   Reduce Crating/Packaging Costs


Our transportation capabilities can help companies double the amount of freight carried on a single truck thus reducing shipping costs.   To increase your shipping flexibility, the second floor of the trailer has the ability to reach multiple heights at the same time to assist in hauling odd-sized loads.  

“When designing new systems, we make sure to keep our shippers’ needs in mind every step of the process,” said President of MinStar Transport, Mitch Miller.  “It’s great to bring companies this new system for non-stackable freight and see their amazement at the capabilities of the design."

Our exclusive Double Deck Trailer

System will save you time and money!

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